A Teacher’s Journey

5. Departure (Crossing the First Threshold)

This is part of a personal narrative series detailing my quest to be a teacher.

This is the departure when the hero feels something has been lost and goes to find it. You are to cross the threshold into new life. It’s a dangerous adventure, because you are moving out of the sphere of the knowledge of you and your community.

— Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

I believe that five and six-year old children are impressionable beings. They are still learning right from wrong and are testing boundaries with their friends, family and teachers. They see the world through innocent eyes and become overwhelmed with an excess of stimuli surrounding their lives. They can be fearful of this mysterious world, but are fearless in conquering and understanding it one piece at a time. They are exploring their environment through bodily movement that is tested every single day.

I am a learning experience designer. I’m an intellectual thinker. I push the boundaries of what’s possible. I have lots stories to tell and change to make.

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